Friendly, Professional Service Tailored To Each Client.

Mayfayre are a small Somerset-based firm of Independent Financial Advisers who have built a strong, local reputation by providing solid and impartial financial advice, combined with a non-negotiable commitment to financial integrity, with friendly, professional service tailored to each client’s individual financial needs and situation.

As completely independent Financial Advisers with access to almost the whole UK financial services market, we are fully committed to making sure that each client receives as much up-to-the-minute and objective financial information as they feel they need to help them make the right financial choices for their own financial future.

At Mayfayre, you can be certain you’ll always receive an outstanding level of personal service – because we treat every client as a potential or actual friend, and not just as an anonymous account number like some other financial institutions. It’s always been our policy to take on only a very limited number of new clients, so that we can always provide a very high level of personal service that many of our competitors’ clients can probably only dream of.

Personal Financial Planning can be a complex business

Personal financial planning can be a complex business. It will often involve a client making important decisions concerning their financial future. For this reason, we always try to talk plainly and in common sense terms whenever we discuss important financial matters with a client. We are also committed as a firm to making sure that communications with our clients, whether written or verbal, are always clear, honest and open.

Mayfayre Financial Services
Mayfayre Financial Services

Taking Monitoring Your Financial Situation, Seriously.

Most of our clients rely on us to help them monitor and improve their financial situation at regular intervals – a responsibility that, of course, we take very seriously indeed. We feel it helps us to build and deepen our ties with our clients, by allowing us to demonstrate clearly the benefits of working with us regularly over the long-term. Indeed, some of our clients have now been with us for more than 15 years, providing clear evidence, we feel, of the confidence that Mayfayre’s clients have in our financial expertise and effectiveness.

We pride ourselves on doing things at your pace

We pride ourselves on doing things at your pace, and on getting all the financial details right first time. So, why not contact us now, without any obligation, to discuss how we might be able to help you secure a more prosperous, and well-managed financial future?

A Personal & Focused Service

We offer a personal and focused service based on your particular requirements at the time. As well as working regularly with clients over the long-term, we can carry out a range of popular ‘one-off’ personal financial planning sessions for a very reasonable fixed fee.
Please call 0800 840 7143 for further details, or you can email us at