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Minimise any Future Tax Liability for your Beneficiaries

Inheritance Tax (IHT) can be a bit of a puzzling subject at the best of times. So how exactly does it work? And how can you minimise any future tax liability for your beneficiaries?

Talk to us at Mayfayre, and we can help you to devise an effective plan and specific strategies to help you avoid or minimise this unnecessary tax on your wealth.

What you may not know is that major increases in property values in recent years have outstripped the relatively small increases in IHT thresholds, which means that more and more people now find themselves liable for Inheritance Tax than ever before.

The mistake most people make is to wait too long before taking concrete steps to avoid the worst effects of the tax. And the older you are before you take action, the less likely you are to be able to reduce the burden anyway, and the more it will cost you to put any effective measures in place.

We devise effective plans using specific strategies to minimise unnecessary tax on your wealth

Try not to wait until your late seventies or eighties before you act. It’s much more prudent, if you can, to contact us while in your fifties and early sixties, when solutions will be much less expensive and investment and legal options more plentiful.

Estate planning is all about maximising available tax benefits while you’re alive and minimising any claims the taxman may make on your estate after your death. We can help you use a variety of legal and investment tools to minimise ant future tax liability. We can help you create effective trusts, wills and insurance plans and wills to keep more of your estate intact.

The Financial Conduct Authority doesn’t regulate some forms of Estate Planning, Trusts & Wills

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At Mayfayre, you can be certain you’ll always receive an outstanding level of personal service – because we treat every client as a potential or actual friend. Personal financial planning can be a complex business. It will often involve a client in important decisions concerning their financial future. For this reason, we always try to talk plainly and in common sense terms whenever we discuss important financial matters with a client. We are also committed as a firm to making sure that communications with our clients, whether written or verbal, are always clear, honest and open.

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